Getting out and about

You can use the Travel Direct journey planner below to check the best way to get to the attractions
available in Speyside from Balvenie Street Self Catering Accommodation, and, of course, how long it will
take you to get there.

Simply type where your journey is to start from
( if checking routes from Balvenie Street Self Catering Accommodation use the postcode AB55 4AS)
type in your destination, e.g.Braemar Castle,
select the start date and time of your journey
choose by public transport, by car or both
and click GO.

You will then be taken to Transport Direct web site where the directions and journey
time will be displayed and any public transport directions if you chose that option.
Have a great day out

If you prefer to use Google maps to find places, routes and directions, please click the link below.
Find your way around using Google Maps
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